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F4. Calorie Reduction

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 22 January, 2013

As the leading community retailer in the UK with customers from a wide cross-section of society, The Co-operative have a vital role to play in offering healthy, affordable food and improving the health of the communities that we serve. We are committed to supporting our customers and 7 million members to make healthier food choices for themselves and their families. We have a wellestablished reformulation programme which has to date focused on levels of salt, fat, saturated fat and sugar but will now also consider calories.We wholeheartedly support the principles of the calorie reduction pledge and commit to using a range of activities to deliver calorie reduction.We will set strict calorie guideline maximums and targets for our popular lunchtime offer including salads and sandwiches which will result in calorie reductions in key lines.We will evolve products in our Healthy Choice sub range introducing new and reformulated products which will conform to strict calorie limits. We will also look at ways to display calorie labelling more prominently on pack.We will extend our range to introduce new and innovative products making it easier for customers to make healthier choices. Products in this new healthy offering will be developed withinambitious calorie limits and will meet customer needs for a wide variety of occasions.We will extend healthy eating campaigning activities using digital and printed media to help support our customers and members to control their calorie intake in 2013.We will categorise recipes on our food website to allow customers to search by calories per serving, making it easier for those who want to make a lower calorie meal to do so.In addition to these actions we have already committed to increasing the products within our range which only carry green and amber traffic lights. We ensure that at least 30% of our total food promotions are for healthier products and require that our Simply Value products contain no more fat, saturated salt, sugar or calories than equivalent standard lines.

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