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F5(b). Salt Catering: Reformulation of products as purchased by the customer

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 12 September, 2012

Brakes Group have maintained a Health, Nutrition and Wellbeing Department since 1985 and are committed to taking a leading position in the foodservice sector to help improve health and nutrition for consumers. Brakes maintains a database of nutrition information, including salt, for all of our 3000 Brakes brand products. Our productscarry full nutrition information on the packaging and on-line. Product data sheets are readily available to our customers on request. Brakes has been reducing salt across its products for over 10 years and through our commitments to the FSA we reached the 2010 salt targets for most of our foods. 50% ofBrakes brand products are not covered by the Responsibility Deal salt targetsas they are naturally low in salt. Of theones that do have a target,over 50% meetthat target for their category. We have products in 71 of the 80 Responsibility Deal salt categories and can offer products that meet the targets in 68 of these categories. The salt content of our foods continues to be a priority for us and Brakes will continue to work on a number of top selling products from our range of meal centres and accompaniments that exceed the Responsibility Deal targets. We will gradually reduce the salt in these products during the next two years. This will deliver significant salt reductions which will make an important additional contribution towards helping the population meet the overall target of 6g/day.

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