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F4. Calorie Reduction

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 22 January, 2013

A.G.Barr has always recognised that we have a role to play in helping our consumers exercise choice in their calorie consumption. All of our soft drinks can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet and a healthy, active lifestyle. Our soft drinks range of carbonated and still drinks is available in a choice of calorific values and serving sizes. Our portfolio includes: - fruit juices - (100% juice from concentrate)- still and sparkling unflavoured water - (zero calories)- low calorie still and sparkling soft drinks - (1 to 20 calories / 100ml * ) - mid calorie still and sparkling soft drinks - (21 to 30 calories / 100ml)- regular still and sparkling soft drinks - (above 42 calories / 100ml)* low calorie definition source:EU Regulation 1924/2006 Nutritional Health Claims Made on FoodWe also provide clear guidelines on all of our packs on the calorie content of our products to enable consumers to make an informed choice.BARRS Calorie Reduction PledgeThrough our participation in the calorie reduction pledge we will continue to offer a wide choice of great tasting soft drinks in different pack formats, serving sizes and calorific content for our consumers to enjoy. We will make a pledge to reduce the average calorific content per 100ml of our portfolio of drinks ** by 5% by 2016 using last year, 2011 values as the base year. ReportingWe will also pledge to monitor and report our actions and progress on an annual basis.** By our portfolio of drinks, we are referring to the brands that we own and are in control of. A small % of our business is in franchised brands which we do not own and therefore these are not included in our pledge. We will achieve our stated aim by a combination of:Rebalancing the PortfolioWe are committed to continuing to build sales of our low calorie, mid calorie, water and 100% fruit juice products through a mix of sales and marketing initiatives with the aim of increasing their proportionate share of total litreage sales across our portfolio. New Product Development (NPD)We will continue to focus our NPD effort on low and mid calorie options in addition to regular products. ReformulationWhere it is possible to do so without compromising the consumer acceptance of these products we will seek to reduce the calorie content of our existing drinks range.Investment in sales and marketing We will continue to invest in the sales and marketing of our low, mid calorie, water and 100% juice product ranges in addition to our smaller serve sizes.BARRS Long Term Commitment to the aims of F4: Calorie ReductionOver the years we have continued to innovate and introduce new products into our portfolio which has enabled our consumers to choose to drink fewer calories. IRN-BRU has been available as a low calorie variant since the mid 1970s and we launched the first 250ml can and 250ml glass size for IRN-BRU and Tizer in 1981.

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