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H3. Health & Wellbeing Report

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 6 January, 2012

A) Occupational health (OH) - a full programme of health surveillance to all employees in line with health and safety legislation. The occupational health adviser has a team of three part time occupational health technicians who work one day per week. The occupational health technicians have been fully trained to undertake vision screening, hearing and lung function testing.The addition of occupational health technician support to the occupational health service at Aunt Bessies is in line with the vision and commitment of the business to meet our obligations under heath and safety regulations.B) Staff who are on long time sick of five week or longer are supported through OH and the HR team. Support includes welfare telephone calls to ensure regular communication, welfare visits from both OH HR. officer, monthly absence reviews with HR, appointments with the company GP and welfare appointments with OH.C) Staff welfare policy which promotes good practice in both physical and mental health well being and to promote the success of well being activities, providing guidance to all managers, to ensure identification of those circumstances that may contribute to work related anxiety through confidentially counselling.D) Employee assistance programme- monthly review by an external doctor to work with and through staff who have been off work ill for a period of 5 weeks or more. This is a support mechanism for the staff and ensures continued commitment by the business during their period of absence.- under the private health care scheme employees may take advantage of the employee assistance programme which offers independent counselling, legal advice and information to staff with problems. The service is free to employees and their families.

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