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F8. Saturated Fat Reduction

Committed since:

26 October, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 26 October, 2013

As part of its ongoing commitment to producing quality products, which can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet, Burton’s Biscuit Company is proud to be a signatory to the Saturated Fat Reduction Pledge. Burton’s Biscuit Company is committed to a long-term programme to help meet the Saturated Fat Reduction Pledge:

1. Portion control: The majority of Burton’s products are under 3g of saturated fat per serving. The company has investigated lower saturated fat alternatives where this is not the case and introduced suitable variants. For example, Wagon Wheelies have nearly half the saturated fat content per serving than the standard Wagon Wheels product.

2. Recipe reformulation: In 2013 Burton’s will achieve a reduction of 86000g per day for its customer base of saturated fat due to reformulation. An example of how this will be achieved is through the reformulation of Maryland Big & Chunky Milk & Dark Chocolate Cookies, which will see a reduction in saturated fat by 4.6% per portion.

3. Education: In order to help consumers make informed decisions with regard to dietary decisions, Burton’s Biscuit Company has introduced a new corporate website which details nutritional and saturated fat information of all its products. The company also displays all nutritional and saturated fat information on packs and has updated portion size recommendations.

Burton’s Biscuit Company continues to make proactive reduction of saturated fat content in its products a high priority across both its portfolio and business operations.

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