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H6. Staff Health Checks

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 13 August, 2012

Allianz, in conjunction with Bupa Wellness, offers health screening as part of its wellbeing initiative and flexible beneifts. The health screen is a detailed assessment of employees health and fitness levels and includes: - Lifestyle, health fitness profile inc dietary and nutritional advice- Illness alert and risk aseesment- Quality time with a doctor to review all aspects of health- Peace of Mind There are 5 levels of health screening available, including Compelte, advanced, essential, female and core.Employees who are over 40 receive a voluntarty company paid screening every 2 years. Employees who are not eligible can opt to buy a health screen at a discounted rate through our flexiable benfits scheme. This is extended to their family and partners too. We also have had the Wellbeing Kiosk at 8 of our sites already. This is a machine which is unattended and allows employees to check their Height, weight, BMI and blood pressure themselves. This machine will take employees through the measurements and then give them advise based on their test results. Future plans: We will continue to deliver review the health screens being offered to employees. We will use the data from the health screenings to form future wellbeing themes and target initatives around this. We will also promote NHS screening events/dates on our intranet page.

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