PI – 9. Cooperative & Activate Sport

The Co-operative and Activate Sport will aim to reach 20,000 young people across 34 counties and 100 towns in 2012 by:

  • doubling the number of sports camps
  • giving away thousands of free places to make sport accessible to all.

Pledge update, December 2012

The Co-operative has worked with Activate Sport throughout 2012 to deliver three activity programmes, with the common objective of providing as many positive opportunities as possible for children to get involved in sport.

  • Activate Sports camps sponsored by The Co-operative during 2012 reached 9,500 children aged 5 -16 which equates to 38,000 individual sport participation day places. Camps took place in 65 towns around the UK and this figure will increase in 2013 to 85 towns. The Co-operative provided 600 free places on Activate Sport camps to which equated to 2,400 individual sport participation places.
  • Activate Sport and The Co-operative provided sports drop in sessions at the international Co-operatives United event held in Manchester in October 2012 to mark the conclusion of The International Year of The Co-operative and an estimated 300 children took part.
  • The Co-operative Active Culture Campaign began in September 2012 and will initially visit 200 primary schools throughout the UK (by end 2013) with the aim of inspiring 80,000 children to get involved in sport. The Campaign provides six weeks of free sport and lifestyle coaching for children and teachers at each school. An estimated 10,000 children will have completed the programme by the end of 2012.

In total Co-operative sponsored Activate Sport activity has reached 19,800 children in 2012.
85 % of parents who responded to a feedback questionnaire following their child’s attendance at a camp were extremely satisfied or satisfied with the camp their child attended.

2013 Planned Activity

  • Activate Sport camps sponsored by The Co-operative will provide 44,000 individual sports participation days around the UK. This in turn equates to participation by 11,000 children. Co-operative free places will provide access to 1,200 free sports participation day places.
  • The Co-operative Active Culture Campaign will visit a further 175 primary schools, inspiring a further 70,000 children to get involved in sport.
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