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F5(a). Salt Catering: Training and Kitchen Practice

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Annual Update:

Submitted: 27 May, 2014

  • Example 1. Tools, guidance and training provided to chefs in order to have more control over the salt levels in foods and the practical steps being take to ensure lower salt meals.
  • Example 2. Steps you are taking to encourage customers to reduce the amount of discretionary salt used (e.g. whether salt cellars and/or sachets are made available only at customers' direct request).
  • Example 3. Other information on how your kitchen practices have been changed in order to reduce salt.

There is a 2000-character limit when completing this section.

  • Example 1. Providing figures for the salt purchased for a specific period of time compared to the same period the previous year as a percentage reduction. For example, this could be quantified by total weight of salt of the number of bags/tubs/sachets etc bought or other quantitative measures that indicate the salt reduction achieved.
  • Example 2. Quantifying the impact that chef training has had on salt usage in your kitchens. For example, changes in amount of salt or high salt ingredients (stocks; soy sauce) used.

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