Anglia and Essex Centre, Public Health England

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S1. Local engagement on the Responsibility Deal agenda

Committed since:

5 August, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 5 August, 2013

PHE's Priority 5 is 'Improving health in the workplace' by:
1, Support employers large and small – public, private and voluntary – to establish the business case for supporting a healthy workforce, securing adoption of practical evidence-based interventions and to build support for the Responsibility Deal among employers.

We will work with the NHS through NHS Employers, with Local Authorities through Directors of Public Health, with business/employers through Business in the Community to raise awareness of the business case, support development and deliver of health at work strategies and increase sign up the Responsibility Deal.

2, Encourage more widespread adoption of the Responsibility Deal commitment on mental health adjustments in the workplace, and develop a greater understanding of the workplace’s potential for improving and sustaining good mental health, resilience and wellbeing.

We will put mental health at the heart of our activity to engage the NHS, public and private sector, increase awareness of Improved Access to Psychological Services.

3, Lead where we expect others to follow by developing the employment practices of PHE to become a key exemplar of the aspirations embodied in the Responsibility Deal to support a healthy and productive PHE workforce.

The Anglia and Essex Centre will lead by example. Through our Staff Working Group which will be convened in September 2013 we will develop and implement a Health at Work Action Plan capturing activity to progress all Pledges committed to by the Anglia and Essex Centre.

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