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F4. Calorie Reduction

Committed since:

20 November, 2014

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 20 November, 2014

As part of a two year plan we aim to give our customers an increased choice and offer a varied menu which will allow them to reduce the calorie density in their selections. This increase in menu variety will reduce the calorie density in our menus by 10%. In order to achieve this target and assist consumers with reducing their calorie intake we will take the following actions;

• Offering a wider choice to our customers by;

- Offering a ‘lite’ portion.
- Introducing wholemeal pasta/bread options.
- Offering baked/boiled options as an alternative to fried.
- Increased availability of lower calorie choices including vegetables and salad as side orders and fruit as a desert.

• Providing healthy eating information to customers to assist them with their decision making;

­ - A ‘healthier choices’ section on the menu to highlight the items which are below 500 calories.
­- Calorie publication per portion/meal on the menus to inform customers and enablethem to make healthier choices.
­- Posters/noticeboards in our restaurant/café/staff dining areas promoting healthy eating information to our customers and colleagues including Guideline daily amount advice available to the final consumer on calories, sugar, fat, saturates and salt.
­- Promotion of ‘National Obesity Awareness Week’.
­- Staff training to ensure they are confident and able to make healthy eating recommendations.
­- Offer a lighter alternative to top selling dishes i.e. fish and chips - replace chips with salad or homemade slaw.

• Menu development;

­­- Standard recipes in place to provide specific ingredient quantities and portion sizes.
­- We will measure the calorie reduction in our menus following the menu reformulations using our internal stock management system.
­- Add low or reduced calorie options on all future briefs/sourcing.

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