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F4. Calorie Reduction

Committed since:

4 December, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 4 December, 2013

ARAMARK will be launching a new health and wellbeing programme across its business from January 2014. In developing this programme we have taken the Responsibility Deal target areas as a key decision making factor.
The specific actions we will be taking to impact on this pledge are:

- The introduction of nutritional labelling during 2014 will enable our customers to make informed choices about the food they select and the portion size taken.

- Introducing more retail promotions that feature lower calorie snacks at a lower cost from January 2014.

- All of our kitchens have removed butter and replaced with a lower calorie spread and 1% milk to help reduce the calories in our meals.

- We encourage all of our sites to only use low fat mayonnaise in our recipes.

- We offer a wide variety of undressed salads on our daily salad bars and low calorie dressings are a standard option.

- We are currently reviewing our ‘grab and go’ range and looking to add lower calorie options within this category (update in April 2014).

The following health and nutrition topics will feature on our 2014 wellbeing calendar to help educate our customers on calories reduction:

- Portion control: by helping customers understand what a sensible portion size looks like and the impact of taking excessive quantities, we aim to influence their choice.

- Reading food labels: by educating customers how to read a food label, we aim to guide them through good decision making practices.

- Staying healthy during the holidays: this will encourage people to enjoy their festivities whilst still making sensible choices

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