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P5. Physical Activity Inclusion

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 19 December, 2011

The ASA and Slimming World have completed the study into whether swimming can contribute to changes in body perception and improved physical well being with a reluctant hard to reach group of women, the centre for exercise, nutrition and health sciences at bristol university have evaluated this programme.The research study ran from January 2011 over a period of three months.We were seeking a minimum of 50 female participants satisfying the following criteria:aged between 30 55mixed weight loss targets and progress (minimum of 15 to be new programme entrants <2weeks)able to swim competentlyall taking part in the slimming world body magic programmeWe also agreed a number of participants that would be willing to participate in any publicity, which may include case studies; photographs; diaries; blogs.We focused the research programme in an agreed number of ASA regions which reflected the priority areas for the asa in terms of participation, whilst also being well supported by the slimming world network. This has the benefit of allowing the ASA to leverage existing pool operator relationships and the network or aquatic officers to support the programme, whilst also allowing slimming world to engage specific groups and consultants within those regions. It offers the additional benefit of participants being able to swim with like-minded Slimming World group members and tap into the support and motivation networks offered by the Slimming World model. Participants where recruited by slimming world consultants from groups within the target regions. Face-to-face recruitment will allowed the participants to be fully briefed on what is required, and for consultants to engage the candidates most likely to be committed to the programme. The ASA supported the briefing and training of consultants through the aquatic officer network, with the potential of an officer attending the relevant recruitment meeting.Successful participants where provided with a full briefing pack compiled by the ASA, with contribution from Slimming World.The ASA is also working closely with sporting equals looking at the demographic research of the population linking in within the Sporting Equals action plan. There are four project identified in the following areas, Yorkshire Humberside, London, Bristol and Birmingham.In Birmingham the ASA West Midlands regional team have received specific internal training focusing on the practical does and donts of engagement with ethnic communities and are support 3.5 hours a week for ladies only sessions with muslim ladies particpating.The ASA will be attend the next the Sporting Equal Responsibility Deal workshop early in 2012.

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