F3(a). Non use of Artificial Trans Fat

"(a). We do not use ingredients that contain artificial trans fats."

"(b). We are working to remove artificial trans fats from our products within the next 12 months."

Why are there two parts to this pledge?

There are two parts to the artificial trans fats removal pledge, in recognition of the fact that some organisations will have taken the decision not to use artificial trans fats, others have already removed them from their products, and some are still working to remove them. Organisations will sign up to either F3(a) or F3(b).

Organisations wishing to sign up to F3(b) should click here for background and supporting information on that part of the pledge.

Confirmation of pledge delivery for F3(a)

Shortly after signing up to F3(a), partners will be asked to provide a delivery plan in which they must confirm when they met this pledge. All delivery plans will be published on this website. There will be no further reporting for these partners once they have confirmed that they have completed this pledge.

Partners can complete their delivery plans online. Please login here.

Annual updates

Annual updates for 2011/12 are available in the following documents.
In 2011/12, partners reported on the previous version of this pledge - "We have already removed, or will remove artificial trans fats from our products by the end of 2011."

Partners A to C
Partners D to J
Partners K to R
Partners S to Z

Annual updates for 2012/13 and 2013/14 can be accessed from the list of signatories below.

Partners currently committed to this pledge (90):

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