F7(b). Front of Pack Nutrition Labelling

“We will promote, and explain to consumers how to use the UK Governments’ 2013 recommended Front of Pack Nutrition Labelling Scheme.”

The following provides supporting background and information to help organisations understand what this pledge sets out to achieve and how you can help deliver it. It can be signed by any interested parties, be they from within the food industry, health and consumer NGOS, or as professional bodies and companies working in the diet and nutrition field.

What this pledge sets out to achieve and why it is important

This pledge aims to increase the understanding and use of the voluntary Front of Pack (FoP) labelling scheme recommended by the UK Governments in 2013. Research has shown that the use of consistent FoP labelling across as many food products as possible will help consumers to become familiar with its format, and to use it to balance their diet and control their energy intake.

A consistent FoP nutrition labelling scheme across the UK market will also improve our ability to educate consumers on how to use this information to improve their diet. Using a consistent and co-ordinated set of messaging will ensure that the messages that consumers receive are amplified and consolidated and are not confused.

Benefits of public health

Research and modelling have also shown that even small changes to the diet can have significant impacts on individuals’ health, and in reducing the costs of ill-health to the economy. Clear FoP nutrition information supports consumers in making healthier choices and realising those benefits.


Guidance on creating the new front of pack labels is available.

The guidance states that, in broad terms, the FoP labelling scheme is relevant to foods where nutrition labelling is mandatorily required. However, there may be some limited products that require mandatory nutrition labelling where manufacturers/retailers may choose not to provide FoP labels e.g. gifting products and seasonal chocolate products like Easter eggs. Otherwise, we hope to see food and drink businesses introducing the new labels on most products in accordance with the UK 2013 scheme as their re-labelling schedules allow.

Food industry businesses will also be making some mandatory changes to their food labels to comply with the EU Regulation 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers (EU FIC). There is a transition period attached to the implementation of the EU FIC, and it is recognised that there will be a range of labels on the market as companies renew labelling across their portfolio. However by December 2014 companies who have signed this pledge, at launch or shortly after, will be applying their new labels at the point of production.

How you can deliver this pledge

It will be important that consumers receive consistent messaging about the scheme and how to use it. DH and interested parties will work together during the summer and autumn (2013) on a consistent messaging framework for all partners to use.

Signing up to this pledge will indicate a willingness to use the consistent communication framework, once prepared, and to undertake consumer awareness work which may include, for example, :

  • Website information
  • In store information and promotion
  • Recipe cards, booklets and magazine articles
  • One to one or small group sessions incorporated into wider education programmes or counselling on diet and health.

Your pledge delivery plan

No pledge delivery plan will be needed for this pledge. We hope to see as many as possible sign up to the pledge soon after the new FoP labelling scheme is announced, rather than waiting until the consistent messaging framework has been produced.

Reporting progress on your pledge

There is no annual reporting attached to this pledge.

We encourage all RD partners in the food industry to also sign the associated pledge as follows:-

F7.(a) “We will adopt and implement the UK Governments’ 2013 recommended Front of Pack Nutrition Labelling Scheme”


Partners currently committed to this pledge (17):

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