Amendments to the annual updates for alcohol pledges

The reports for alcohol labelling (A1), awareness of alcohol units in the on-trade (A2), awareness of alcohol units in the off-trade (A3), tackling under-age alcohol sales (A4), support for Drinkaware (A5), and community actions to tackle alcohol harm (A7) have been simplified.  The quantitative questions have been removed and instead partners will be asked to provide a narrative update on their progress.

We amended reporting for the alcohol labelling pledge as effective independent monitoring arrangements are already in place for this pledge and alcohol unit reduction.  Collecting additional detailed information from each partner would not add to this.  For the remaining pledges listed above, we will take a similar approach and will work with trade associations and others through the Portman Group to gain a comprehensive picture of implementation.

The eight questions in the previous advertising and marketing alcohol (A6) report have been replaced with the following four questions.

  • Please describe what you are doing to ensure that your products are marketed responsibly.
  • Do you use the Drinkaware logo?
  • Are you signed up to the Portman code?
  • Please describe the process you have in place to ensure that your company does not advertise within 100m of schools.

The alcohol unit reduction (A8) form has not been amended.

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