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H6. Staff Health Checks

“We will offer staff health checks, e.g. the NHS Lifecheck, with appropriate follow up and audit.  We will also encourage eligible employees to participate in the NHS Health Check for vascular disease, and other NHS screening programmes (for example for … Read more → – H6. Staff Health Checks

H5. Smoking Cessation/Respiratory Health

“We will encourage staff to stop smoking, by facilitating onsite stop smoking support services or by encouraging them to attend local stop smoking services during working time without loss of pay.  We will also take action to reduce other risks to … Read more → – H5. Smoking Cessation/Respiratory Health

H4. Healthier Staff Restaurants

“We will implement some basic measures for encouraging healthier staff restaurants/ vending outlets/buffets for staff, including: Ensuring the availability of healthier foods and beverages in all available channels to employees Working with caterers to reformulate recipes to provide meals which are … Read more → – H4. Healthier Staff Restaurants

H3. Health & Wellbeing Report

“We will include a section on the health and wellbeing of employees within annual reports and/or on our website.  We will record our sickness absence rate and actively manage this as an organisation.” The following provides background and supporting information … Read more → – H3. Health & Wellbeing Report

H2. Occupational Health Standards

“We will use only occupational health services which meet the new occupational health standards and which aim to be accredited by 2012/13.” The following provides background and supporting information to help organisations understand what this pledge sets out to achieve … Read more → – H2. Occupational Health Standards

H1. Chronic Conditions Guide

“We will embed the principles of the chronic conditions guides (developed through the Responsibility Deal’s health at work network) within HR procedures to ensure that those with chronic conditions at work are managed in the best way possible with reasonable … Read more → – H1. Chronic Conditions Guide