H4. Healthier Staff Restaurants

"We will implement some basic measures for encouraging healthier staff restaurants/ vending outlets/buffets for staff, including:

  • Ensuring the availability of healthier foods and beverages in all available channels to employees
  • Working with caterers to reformulate recipes to provide meals which are lower in fat, salt, and energy and which do not contain artificial trans fats
  • Provision of responsibly sized portions of foods
  • Provision and promotion of the consumption of fruit and vegetables through availability and price promotion
  • Provision of calories and/or Guideline Daily Amounts on menus per portion as a minimum (further nutrients optional)
  • Ensure that water is visible and freely available."

Information is available on what this pledge sets out to achieve, the benefits, how you help us deliver this and how you will report on your progress.

A full list of the signatories to this pledge is included below.

Annual updates

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