High level steering group 29 November 2011 meeting

The Food network high level steering group met on 29 November 2011.  The following issues were discussed at this meeting:

  • Actions from last meeting and matters arising
  • Calorie reduction update
  • Salt and trans fats market coverage – report and discussion
  • Salt:
    • Pledge for caterers;
    • Technical group update
  • Trans fats – guidance for small businesses – update
  • Fruit and vegetables
    • Pledge update;
    • Composites and 5 A DAY
  • Supporting further roll-out of calorie labelling
  • Pledges in support of collective pledges – discussion

Here is the action note for this meeting.

Papers for this meeting are attached:

Salt and trans fats market coverage
Salt pledge for caterers
Artificial trans fats advice
Tips on artificial trans fats
Tips on artificial trans fats for LAs
Update on fruit and vegetable workstream
Supportive pledges discussion paper
Update on out of home calorie labelling

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