Amendments to annual updates for health at work pledges

The reports for chronic conditions (H1), health & wellbeing report (H3), healthier staff restaurants (H4), smoking cessation/respiratory health (H5) and mental health adjustments (H7) have been simplified.  The quantitative questions have been removed and instead partners will be asked to provide a narrative update on their progress.  Partners signed up to both the chronic conditions (H1) and the mental health adjustments (H7) pledges can provide a combined return.

The three questions in the previous occupational health standards (H2) report have been replaced with the following two questions.

  • Are your OHS accredited to the new standards for occupational health services (SEQOHS)?
  • If yes, when was accreditation achieved?
  • If not, when will accreditation be achieved?

Partners confirming that their OHS is accredited in their annual update will not be asked to provide further annual updates unless their circumstances change.

The following two questions have been removed from the staff health checks (H6) report

  • What tools have you used to deliver staff health checks?
  • How many employees have taken further action, for example, following a weight loss progress, increasing their level of physical activity, making a smoking quit attempt, reducing units of alcohol consumed, following their health check?
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