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We will broaden out occupational health services so that there is more focus on the promotion of healthy workplaces.

Nestlé – Delivering this pledge, March 2012

As the leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company, Nestlé is committed to promoting a safe and healthy workplace environment for its employees and to encouraging a healthy lifestyle for employees and their families in their community.

Nestle UK has a long established Occupational Health multidisciplinary team which consists of Occupational Health physicians, specialists nurses, rehabilitation specialists, mental health support and technical and administrative support staff

Nestlé Occupational Health Solutions have a three year plan to strengthen our approach to health management. This will focus on robust investigation of any health conditions not just caused by work but which may be aggravated or made worse by work.

Throughout 2012 we will work in partnership with our safety colleagues to address workplace ergonomics. It is the Nestlé worldwide vision to have no high risk ergonomic tasks in our factories and Occupational Health Solutions are working closely with our safety colleagues to be a pilot market for a single best approach to risk assessment.

This programme will be rolled out in all our UK sites after which the UK will become an expertise centre used to coach this programme in other markets.

Finally we have a commitment to work with our HR colleagues to develop a health and wellness policy with the initial focus on resilience and protecting the needs of our aging workforce. We intend to execute this by preparing a health needs assessment for each of our factories by the end of 2013 to ensure any programmes are both tailored and appropriate for the needs and culture of the individual UK sites.

American Express Services Europe – Pledge update, November 2012

As part of the integrated wellness provision, Occupational Health continues to be linked in with all the proactive health interventions to ensure a seamless service delivery to all our employees.

Occupational Health are pivotal to deliver flu vaccination vouchers to remote or virtual workers, act as information contacts for Health Checks, physiotherapy, smoking cessation, EAP and for our World Mental Health Day campaigns.

As part of our quarterly meetings with all our service delivery partners, the input from Occupational Health assists our strategy development for health promotion campaigns to ensure we’re responding and delivering services based on employee need.

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