FI – 1. Association of Convenience Stores

The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) has committed to work with its members to roll out Change4Life (C4L) branding into 1000 stores, learning from the successful ACS/DH programme to improve fruit and vegetable availability in deprived areas.

Pledge update, December 2012

In 2012 ACS has continued to work with symbol groups, independent retailers and local authorities to highlight and promote the benefits of the convenience store programme as part of Change4Life. This has been achieved through regular ACS communication to members, promotion through symbol groups and actively engaging with organisations working to encourage the sale of fresh fruit and vegetables in stores.

In particular, we have:

  • Worked with the Birmingham Food Network, including:
    • providing Change for Life material for 60 stores in the Birmingham area
    • advising health workers on approaches to engage stores in the project
  • Engaged with Spar on their Fresh for Less campaign, aimed at raising consumer awareness of the importance of fresh produce as part of a healthier lifestyle. 898 stores are currently actively engaged in this campaign.
  • Produced and sent 420 additional Change for Life packs to members
  • Continued to make available our guide, called “A Fresh Approach”, to using what we learned from the convenience stores project to grow fruit and vegetable sales in convenience stores.

The result of this continued work is that ACS has been involved in the promotion of Change for Life messaging directly through over 1700 stores (allowing for some duplication), while also continuing to work with other stakeholders to encourage schemes designed at promoting healthier eating initiatives.

ACS believes convenience stores continue to have an important and active role to play in the promotion of fresh produce as part of a healthier lifestyle, and we are pleased to see real progress in this area. Figures produced by IGD in 2012 show that for the first time fruit and vegetables have overtaken confectionery in terms of sales value for convenience stores.

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