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We commit that in addition to the existing NOFAS-UK booklets and materials, new resources and films will be produced, alongside face to face training sessions, a new online training package, and distance learning packages (online course also available in DVD format). These materials and courses will be CPD accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and offered free to at least 10,000 midwifes, who we expect to inform over 1 million pregnant women of the risks of drinking alcohol in pregnancy by the end of 2014.

Pledge update, April 2014

Diageo provides financial support to NOFAS to facilitate the training of midwives. NOFAS-UK have now trained 10,436 midwives/student midwives through various channels since the start of the project. They have been educated about Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and the risks of drinking alcohol during pregnancy as part of this 3 year Programme up until 31st March 2014.

In the period 1st April 2013 to 31st March 2014 three study days “What do you tell a pregnant woman about alcohol” have taken place. Over 500 midwives and student midwives attended the events and received a full day face-to-face training. The study days were CPD Accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and were held on 24th September 2013 (London), 4th March 2014 (London) and 18th March 2014 (Manchester). Over 800 applications were received to attend the study days and there was a waiting list for the events. Other health professionals including nurses, health visitors, alcohol workers were also interested in attending the training. In the future NOFAS-UK would like to also train those professionals as well to ensure that awareness about FASD is widespread amongst the whole health sector.

The feedback from service users gives confidence that NOFAS’s work is needed and appreciated. Over 98% of those who attended our training stated that the “the training should be mandatory for all midwives/student midwives”.

The study days were very positively evaluated by the delegates with some feedback quotes below:
“Brilliant day. Never knew I knew so little about it after 10+ years as a qualified midwife. The training highlighted huge gaps in care and information given by my unit. Thank you.’

‘The study day has been a very informative and a very educationally enhancing day. This will have a significant impact on my provision of care to women and how my role can inform, help and support women to make the right choices to prevent FASD.’

A survey is conducted two months after each training day to evaluate the impact the training had on the midwives practice. A brief questionnaire was sent to all the midwives who attended the training. 98% of the midwives who replied, said that they apply what they learnt at the Study Day in their day-to-day practice.

NOFAS-UK is reaching the midwives through a variety of channels: providing sessions at universities and other conferences, providing materials on request (resource pack) or two-three hour sessions on alcohol in pregnancy were also presented at five Universities.

The educational documentary film “No Alcohol, No Risk – Information for Midwives” continues to be shown during training workshops and is available for free for midwives and anyone to view on the NOFAS-UK website. To date 2,872 midwives watched the film on the website.

The film is also available on DVD for midwives to use for training fellow midwives and students.

‘I have already watched your excellent video and plan to show it to staff on our teaching day in the future.’ Specialist Midwife in Drug and Alcohol Use, Sheffield
‘The film is excellent on so many levels for students, midwives and student newborn examiners, highlighting the devastating severe neurological effect alcohol has on the foetus.’ Midwife

NOFAS-UK continuously provides posters, leaflets and other printed materials requested by Trusts who then distribute these resources to pregnant women in their clinics and hospitals. In response to the requests for the midwives resource pack, a soft copy of the Factsheet for Pregnant Women is sent that can be printed without any restrictions and distributed to women in their care.

In December 2013 the NOFAS-UK On-line Course has received the Royal College of Midwives’ three year CPD Accreditation (Continuing Professional Development – six hours). The On-line Course is available on the NOFAS-UK website ( The course is free to take and with an option to request a CPD certificate.

In a three month period from December 13 to 28th February 2013 a total of 1,169 people accessed the On-line Course. In the same period the website as a whole had 7,218 visits of which 5,551 were unique new visitors.

Moreover, the positive feedback from the midwives education has helped to generate requests for FASD Training from other sectors including PCTs, social services, foster care agencies and others.

Pledge update, November 2012

At the end of the first year of the Programme 3,915 midwives have been trained through various different channels.

A new training film has been produced entitled “No Alcohol, No Risk – Information for Midwives” and was ‘premiered’ at a NOFAS-UK midwives training workshop in London on 13th March 2012. The award winning film will be shown at all future midwives training workshops. It is also available for free for midwives and anyone to view on the NOFAS-UK website.

Three study days (entitled “What do you tell a pregnant woman about alcohol?”) have taken place in March with over 300 midwives receiving face-to-face training. Over 500 midwives applied to attend. 99% of those who attended feel that “the training should be mandatory for all student midwives”. An ‘end of course’ evaluation resulted in 83% of attendees describing the course as “excellent” and the remaining 17% as “good”. One of the many positive comments on the session was “Wonderful day – very good content. Needs to be published. Midwives and pregnant women need to be educated. Thanks to today, I hope to give women the knowledge they need to make an informed choice”

A survey of attendees, conducted two months after the training, established that 98% of midwives who replied said that they are applying what they learned at the Study Day in their day-to-day practice.

A new ‘Alcohol in Pregnancy’ online training module for midwives (including film clips) is due for completion by end 2012 and will offer feedback and CPD certification to participants. This programme will be readily accessible on the NOFAS website.

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