Office for National Statistics (ONS)

Partner description:

ONS plays a fundamental role in official statistics. Not only are we the largest producer of official statistics, but we are the only government department that has that as its prime role. Our statistics drive decisions made across the country.

Our Vision
To be widely respected for informing debate and improving decision making through high quality, easy to use statistics and analyses on the UK’s economy and society'. Our statistics are crucial to informing debate and improving decision making. We have a unique role within the UK which places a responsibility on us to set and maintain standards of high quality statistics and produce and deliver statistics that are easy to use and designed to meet the wider public good as well as the needs of government.

Joined the Responsibility Deal: 18 April, 2013

This partner is currently committed to the following pledges (6):

Health at Work
  • H1. Chronic Conditions Guide and Carers (since 18 April, 2013)
  • H2. Occupational Health Standards (since 18 April, 2013)
  • H3. Health & Wellbeing Report (since 18 April, 2013)
  • H4. Healthier Staff Restaurants (since 18 April, 2013)
  • H6. Staff Health Checks (since 18 April, 2013)
  • H7. Mental Health and Wellbeing (since 18 April, 2013)

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