Diageo individual pledge supports midwives on alcohol and pregancy

Diageo has pledged to fund a 3 year project extending the NOFAS-UK (National Organisation on Foetal Alcohol Syndrome) “What Do You Tell A Pregnant Woman About Alcohol” programme to reach at least 10,000 midwives – to discuss the risks of alcohol during pregnancy with over 1 million expectant mothers.

How we will achieve this:
In addition to existing NOFAS-UK booklets and materials, new resources will be produced, alongside face to face training sessions, a new online training course and distance learning packages. The course and face to face training sessions will be CPD accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and offered free to all midwives.  By the end of 2014 we expect to reach at least 10,000 midwives who will inform over 1 million pregnant women about the risks of drinking alcohol in pregnancy.

A new award winning midwives training film, “No Alcohol, No Risk – Information for Midwives” was ‘premiered’ at a NOFAS midwives training workshop in March 2012. The film will be shown at future NOFAS midwives events and be available on the NOFAS-UK website.

Three study days took place in March 2012 with over 300 midwives receiving face to face training.

The new ‘Alcohol in Pregnancy’ online training course for midwives (including film clips) is due for completion by end 2012 and will offer immediate feedback and certification to participants. This programme will be readily accessible on the NOFAS website and also available on DVD or memory stick upon request.

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