HI – 3. Business in the Community (BiTC)

We will embed the principles of the BiTC emotional Management toolkit within HR procedures.

Pledge update, October 2012

Through the BITC Workwell Model, the Workwell Campaign promotes that organisations take a holistic, strategic and integrated approach to promoting the messages in the pledge. The Workwell Model reflects the realities of the workplace and the complexity and interrelatedness of the factors that influence employee wellness and engagement.

In October 2010 BITC’s Workwell campaign launched the Managing Emotional Wellbeing online tool for line managers.

This tool aims to help managers build team resilience by:

  • Improving the way they manage their teamEnhancing their own and their team members’ emotional wellbeing
  • Building a culture of engagement

To date 1,270 line managers have used the tool. ARAMARK, Places for People, National Grid and Mars have all purchased the tool to use on their own internal training resources.

In Individual Pledges

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