AI – 3. Heineken

We will aim to remove 100 million units of alcohol from the UK market each year through lowering the strength of a major brand by 2013.

Pledge update, December 2012

As a responsible alcohol producer, we believe we have an important role to play in tackling alcohol misuse and encouraging people to drink responsibly. We want our products to be made, sold and enjoyed responsibly.

HEINEKEN believes that it can reach consumers in ways that Government cannot. For example, in March 2010, we took the decision to stop producing (also known as delisting) White Lightening cider. We followed this by delisting Strongbow Black in November 2010.

HEINEKEN was also the first company to make a public pledge to reduce the alcohol by volume (ABV) of alcoholic drinks. In 2011, we made a pledge as part of the Responsibility Deal to reduce 100 million units in the UK market by 2013 by reducing the ABV of a major brand.

Following our leadership in making an individual pledge on unit reduction, the industry followed with a pledge to remove 1 billion units of alcohol from the UK market by the end of 2015 (Alcohol Pledge A8). Through our action to remove 100 million units from the market, HEINEKEN is also a signatory of this pledge.

We are on track to deliver our pledge to aim to remove 100 million units of alcohol each year by the end of 2013. We reduced the ABV of bottled and canned Strongbow from 5.3% to 5%. This change, which took place in June 2012, was part of an exciting transformation programme and will help consumers who want to monitor their alcohol intake to make more appropriate choices.

Further updates on this activity will now be reported under pledge A8. Alcohol Unit Reduction

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