Medikidz use an innovative approach to explain the importance of being active

This case study outlines what action Medikidz have taken to deliver on their commitment to Pledge P2. Physical Activity Guidelines.

This pledge asks organisations to support the promotion and dissemination of revised Chief Medical Officer guidelines on physical activity, published in July 2011. Surveys have shown that public awareness of these guidelines and the health benefits of regular physical activity is low.

•This pledge recognises that Responsibility Deal partners can support Government in developing a range of public-facing messages and campaigns and can reach individuals in ways that Government cannot.

•major retailers, food manufacturers and FTSE 100 companies (such as British Telecom) with a significant potential reach in terms of customers and consumers are signed up to this pledge.

Case Study- Medikidz

Medikidz have developed an innovative approach through the use of comics aimed at children and young people. They published ‘Explain Getting Active’ comic which tells the story of Jenna, who prefers to play video games rather than exercise. The Medikidz arrive to explain to Jenna the importance of being active and getting physical. By the end of the adventure, Jenna understands the benefits of exercise and is really keen to go outside and play with her friends rather than play video games indoors!

The comic was developed with children’s input and have been accredited for another year. The comic is currently available in South Africa free of charge and within the UK they have distributed 100 comics through their web-shop and into school libraries and doctors surgeries.

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