Summary of workshop on delivering P5

This event on 7 March was led by Sporting Equals to help Responsibility Deal partners understand how to engage with diverse communities, so that all groups can embrace healthy lifestyles.  There were five presentations which looked at some of the different approaches that are being taken and can provide invaluable insight to how partners can best develop pledge activity.  These were:

  • Shaheen Bi from Sporting Equals – Promoting active lifestyles to older people from BME communities.
  • Dr Zafar Iqbal from Liverpool Football Club – Working with local schools, providing support and information to teachers plus bringing in a high profile and admired health ambassador (Premier League footballer) to amplify the messages.
  • Clare Howard from Association of Colleges – Capitalising on the very large numbers of mainly young adults (particularly from BME communities) passing through higher education establishments.
  • Mark Abberley from Amateur Boxing Association England – Engaging young people in boxing has been particularity effective within more deprived communities, where young people are at particular risk of leading unhealthy lifestyles. It has also proved to be an effective way of engaging young women as well as young men.
  • David Mbaziira from Sporting Equals – A review of a broad range of UK ethnic media (e.g. cable and satellite TV, radio, newspapers) reveals that sports coverage is extremely limited and that links between lifestyles and health are rarely reported. Given the real business opportunities for the ethnic media, more comprehensive coverage of sporting and physical activity can be a big win-win opportunity.

It also gave a number of partners an opportunity to describe what activity their organisation is taking to help particular groups to be more physically active, such as how to engage with people suffering from long term health conditions and how to work with cohorts of young people who struggle to do sufficient exercise.

Please contact Peter Morgan at

  • for a further summary of the workshop
  • if you would like copies of any of the individual presentations and/or would like to be put in touch with the presenters
  • details of how you can get involved in the diversity and inclusion taskforce to help you further in delivering this pledge


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