S2. Promoting the Responsibility Deal

“As an umbrella organisation, we support the approach of the Public Health Responsibility Deal and we will actively encourage our member organisations to sign up by providing information, advice and support.”

The following provides background and supporting information to help organisations understand what this pledge sets out to achieve and how, by becoming a Responsibility Deal partner, you can help deliver this pledge.

What this pledge sets out to achieve and why it is important.

This pledge is for trade/representative organisations working in the following sectors - alcohol, food, health at work and physical activity - who are actively promoting the Responsibility Deal to their members and are encouraging them to sign up.

Where an organisation has a significant number of employees, DH would encourage them to also sign up to at least one health at work pledge.

Benefits to public health

By promoting the Deal and its pledges to their members trade/representative organisations can broaden the reach and impact of the Responsibility Deal in their sectors.

How you can deliver this pledge

Trade and representative bodies can promote the Responsibility Deal and its pledges to their members and encourage them to sign up to the Deal.

Your pledge delivery plan
Shortly after signing up, partners will be asked to provide pledge delivery plans, laying out how they intend to meet each of the pledges they have signed up to. They will have up to 2,000 characters to describe their plans for each pledge they are signed up to. All delivery plans will be published on this website.

In their delivery plan for this pledge partners are asked to specify the pledges that they plan to promote to their members.

Reporting progress on your pledge
Partners will be asked to report on their progress by the end of April each year. For this pledge, partners will be asked to describe how they have promoted the Responsibility Deal to their members and report on how many of their members are signed up to the Responsibility Deal.

Further information on the reporting arrangements for each pledge is available. All annual updates will be published on this website. Please note that we will be asking partners to report on this pledge from 2015 onwards, at which point it will be available on the Responsibility Deal website.

Partners can complete their delivery plans and annual updates online. Please login here.

Partners currently committed to this pledge (15):

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