Update on the salt targets review

Work to review the salt targets, which cover 80 categories of food and were to be achieved by 2012, commenced earlier in the year. The views seeking exercise, covering the first tranche of categories considered in a series of meetings in June and July, was published in the summer. Further information on this is available.

Since that time work to review the remaining categories, and some further work arising from the June/July meetings, has been ongoing and is now completed. A series of documents outlining the work that has been done, which include suggestions for revisions to a considerable number of the 2012 targets, is now published and available for comment through a second views seeking exercise.

Interested parties are now invited to:

  • review the documents now published, as appropriate, and provide any comments on the relevant issues and the suggested revised figures for each target category;
  • provide any other additional information, including data on sodium/salt levels, that will help extend our understanding of the category.

Any comments, information or data should be sent to the following email address – saltandfat@dh.gsi.gov.ukby Friday 6 December. If you would like to respond but will not be able to meet this deadline please let us know as soon as possible. However, please bear in mind that it may not be possible to fully consider late responses.

Further information on the documents published, and the second views seeking exercise, is available.

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