The Silver Penquin

We are an independent small micro business based in Hull. We have diversified from a retailer to including a specialist ice cream parlour. We made a conscious decision about health and responsibilities as a retailer and chose not to think just about money and profit in which case we would be selling Mr Whippy or synthetic rubbish so we invested in a supplier who uses real ingredients rather than flavourings and who could offer a fat free range that is as large as our dairy range to cater for the needs of a diverse consumer needs and diets. We have a five star food hygiene rating and hold qualifications in Basic, intermediate and advanced food hygiene. we are part of the Hull responsibility deal and therefore would like to be part of the national deal. We have plans of expansion into mobile catering offering consumers a non greasy chip free menu …. watch this space

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L2. Unlicensed Catering Establishments

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