Where is the FSA food hygiene ratings app?

Although more and more of us browse the web using a tablet, smartphone or other mobile device, the FSA doesn’t offer an app for looking up food hygiene ratings. Instead we provide open data and this is used by app developers and other third parties to provide apps and other services. Also, www.food.gov.uk/ratings is designed to be used on mobile devices.

Third party apps

If you prefer to use apps, you can check out one of the many app outlets to find an app developed using our free open data. Some popular app outlets can be found via the 'External sites' links on this page.

Why we provide open data

It’s public data

It makes sense to make it publicly available and extends reach of the scheme by letting as many people as possible have access to it.

There’s an economic benefit

By developing apps using the data, small and micro-size businesses can generate income and create jobs.

We want innovation

By opening up the data to the wealth of creative minds out there, it’s more likely that the data will be used in innovative and interesting ways that will appeal to and reach more people. That helps to give consumers choice.

We can save public money

We do not need to spend taxpayers’ money on developing and maintaining apps.

The open data mirrors the ratings published at www.food.gov.uk/ratings, meaning that any app, site or service making proper use of the open data will show exactly the same information.