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Cost of Iraq Inquiry so far

The Iraq Inquiry has published provisional details about its expenditure up to the end of March 2010. The total amount of money spent so far is £2,237,700. This figure includes staffing costs, office accommodation and the costs incurred in setting up and running three months of public hearings at the QEII conference centre in London. The full figures are below.

Iraq Inquiry Forecast Expenditure for 2009/2010

These figures represent estimated outturn for the current financial year. Final figures will be published in due course.

DescriptionEstimated Expenditure
Inquiry Secretariat staff costs £795,000
Committee and Advisers’ remuneration £333,400
Public hearings
(includes room hire, audio-visual links, broadcasting & transcription)
Other public events
(includes six meetings with families of British service personnel & civilians who died or are missing in Iraq)
Office accommodation £280,300
IT & telecommunications
(includes reprographics & website)
(includes books and daily newspaper cuttings service)
(includes postage & general office supplies)
Travel £7,900
Other costs £4,500
Total £2,237,700