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Iraq Inquiry costs for the financial year 2009 to 2010

The Iraq Inquiry has, published the final costs for the financial year 2009-2010. These update the provisional estimated outturn published in March 2010. The total cost, up to 31 March 2010, was £2,270,5001.

A breakdown of the expenditure is below:

Inquiry Secretariat staff costs £793,200
Committee and Advisers’ remuneration £361,600
Public hearings
(includes room hire, audio-visual links, broadcasting & transcription)
Other public events
(includes six meetings with families of British Service personnel & civilians who died or are missing in Iraq)
Office accommodation £280,500
IT & telecommunications
(includes reprographics & website management)
(includes books and daily newspaper cuttings service)
(includes postage & general office supplies)
Travel £8,000
Other costs £4,000
Total £2,270,500

1NB: All figures here are rounded to the nearest hundred.