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Update on Inquiry Progress - June 2015

The Iraq Inquiry has published an update on its progress that Sir John Chilcot, the Chairman of the Inquiry, sent to the Prime Minister on 15 June. 

The letter reports that a large proportion of responses expected from individuals as part of the Maxwellisation process have been received. Sir John said that the responses received are constructive and some have opened up new issues or referred to material which has not previously been part of the evidence submitted to the Inquiry. He added that it was now essential to receive the remainder of the responses to allow the process to be completed. Only then would there be a realistic timetable to submission of the Inquiry's final report. 

Sir John also wrote 'I know that you, your colleagues, the Houses of Parliament, and many members of the public, including those who took part in operations in Iraq and the relatives of those who were killed or injured as a result, wish to read the Inquiry's report and ensure that the lessons of the conflict are learned as soon as possible.

My colleagues and I wholeheartedly share that wish. We therefore intend to complete our task as quickly as possible in accordance with the processes necessary to ensure we deliver a report which will do justice to the gravity of the issues we have been examining.'

The Prime Minister replied to Sir John's letter on 17 June, and Sir John acknowledged his letter the same day.

Note: the Inquiry decided to wait for the Prime Minister's reply, rather than publish Sir John's letter on the 16th, so that both could be read together.