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Public Submissions

In October 2009, the Iraq Inquiry issuesd an open invitation to members of the public to submit information which might support the Inquiry's work.  You can read the terms of that invitation here

The Inquiry has considered carefully every submission made in response to its call.  In total, almost 1,500 contributions were received and the Inquiry is very grateful to everyone who took part in that process. 

The submissions published on this page are those which:

  1. Are based on a particular claimed expertise;
  2. Offer a first-hand account of events; or
  3. Supply relevant contemporary material. 

The fact of publishing a submission does not imply the Inquiry's endorsement of the material it contains. 

When considering which submissions to publish, the Inquiry decided:

  • Not to publish those submissions that offered suggested questions for, or analysis of, evidence hearings, although they were of great value whilst hearings were taking place. 
  • Not to publish submissions offering suggestions on the conduct of the Inquiry. 
  • Not to publish submissions concerning matters outside the Inquiry's Terms of Reference. 
  • Not to publish details of personal experiences that were shared on a private basis, although they have added to the Inquiry's knowledge and understanding. 
  • Not to publish material which might give rise to a security risk.
  • Not to re-publish information already in the public domain, for example newspaper articles or published reports.  The Inquiry was, however, grateful for the many articles, books and papers it received. 
  • Not to publish anything it deems offensive or incomprehensible. 
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