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Frequently asked questions: the Report

Were people who are mentioned in the Report given an opportunity to influence what it said about them?
What representations did the Inquiry (i) accept (ii) reject?

The Maxwellisation process was a confidential one, and the Inquiry will not provide any information about participants or the representations they made.

What happens now the Report has been published?

Having completed its task, the Inquiry now formally ceases to exist.

Why has the Inquiry not recommended anyone for prosecution?

The Inquiry was not established in order to investigate criminal offences nor was it equipped to do so.

If evidence of any criminal offence had come to the Inquiry's attention during the course of its work it would have referred the issue to the appropriate investigative authority. No such evidence was found.

Who was shown the Report before it was published?

The Report was delivered to the Prime Minister and some of his advisers on 5 July. The Inquiry gave early access to its content was given to members of the media and family members of those who died as a result of the conflict in Iraq on the morning of 6 July.

Can I buy printed copy of the Report and/or the Executive Summary?

The Report is produced under the Open Government Licence for anyone who wants to produce a commercial copy. 

To check availability of printed copies with The Stationery Office please call the customer service team on 0333 202 5070 (between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday).

Are there parts of the Report which are not available to the public for reasons of confidentiality?


Whom do I contact if I have a problem with the website?

Please email with details of the issue.

Whom do I contact if I wish to enquire about follow-up actions to the Inquiry's recommendations?

The Government is responsible for addressing recommendations in the Report. To find out how the Government is responding to the Inquiry's findings please email:

The Report uses a large number of abbreviations: is there a glossary?

Yes. Please see Annex 2.

Can I include material from the Report/website in my school work, university dissertation, thesis, etc?

Copying of the Inquiry report and the materials published on the Inquiry website is governed by the Open Government Licence, details of which are available at: