Visual 2016: That was the year that was

We’re always looking for new ways to bring statistics to light and so we’ve assembled a list of highlights from the past year, from tools to aid understanding of the EU referendum debate, to issues like migration, unpaid work and the gender pay gap.


Test your knowledge on the gender pay gap

Did you know that the average gap in pay between men and women in the UK is 9.4%? Test your knowledge on the difference between earnings of men and women in seven different occupations.

ASHE full-time earnings1 gender pay gap2, 2016, UK

Baby Names – how popular is yours?

Find out using our interactive graphic that shows the top 100 names for baby boys and girls in England and Wales for every ten years between 1904 and 1994 and for each year from 1996 onwards.

What’s the best time for a wedding?

Did you know that on average there were 508 weddings on 30th December between 1995 and 2013 (the most recent data available)?

We put together two innovative ways to visualise and understand wedding data. We invite you to explore.


How does the UK contribute to the EU budget?

The EU Referendum debate centred on two main issues – the direct cost of being a member and migration. We created a guide to payments to and from the EU to aid understanding.

We also put together a quiz to test your understanding of migration levels in your area.

The value of unpaid work

Did you know that unpaid work in 2014 (most recent data available) had a value of more than £1 trillion? And that women carry out an overall average of 60% more unpaid work than men?

Work out the value of your unpaid work with our calculator.

What’s in the basket of goods?

Inflation has been back in the news this year. But do you know how inflation is calculated? Take a trip through history with the ONS basket of goods, our notional shopping list of goods which helps us calculate inflation.