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Social care collection materials 2014

Letters to social services

pdf icon June 2014 letter [177kb]

pdf icon March 2014 letter [175kb]

ppt icon March 2014 letter Slides [122kb]

pdf icon December 2013 letter final [241kb]

pdf icon September 2013 letter final [245kb]

ppt icon ZBR September 2013 Letter Slides [117kb]

Adult Social Care Combined Activity Return (ASC-CAR)

pdf icon ASC-CAR Proforma 2013-14 [361kb]

pdf icon ASC-CAR Proforma 2013-14 with IDs [375kb]

pdf icon ASC-CAR Validations 2013-14 [245kb]

pdf icon ASC-CAR Guidance 2013-14 [331kb]

pdf icon ASC-CAR FAQs 2013-14 [227kb]

The ASC-CAR FAQs were added in April 2014

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) Return, under the Mental Capacity Act 2005

pdf icon DoLS Guidance 2013-14 [511kb]

xls icon DoLS Proformas 2013-14 [806kb]

The guidance was last updated in March 2014 to include a new mailbox address in addition to the changes made to the guidance in January 2014.

Personal Social Services: Expenditure and Unit Costs Return (PSS-EX1)

pdf icon PSS-EX1 Guidance 2013-14 [630kb]

xls icon Illustrative PSS-EX1 Pro Forma for 2013-14 [1Mb] 

Referrals, Assessments and Packages of Care (RAP)

pdf icon RAP Proformas 2013-14 [751kb]

pdf icon RAP Proforma 2013-14 with IDs [773kb]

pdf icon RAP Guidance 2013-14 [1Mb]

pdf icon RAP Validations 2013-14 [411kb]

Safeguarding Adults Return (SAR)

pdf icon SAR Guidance 2013-14 [556kb]

xls icon SAR Proformas 2013-14 [45kb]

pdf icon SAR Validations 2013-14 [258kb]

These versions of the guidance and pro-forma were released in December 2013 and the validations document was added in March 2014. 

SSDA702 Guardianship Return, under the Mental Health Act 1983

pdf icon Guardianship Guidance 2013-14 [299kb]

xls icon Guardianship Proformas 2013-14 [26kb] 

The guidance was last updated in March 2014 to give a new mailbox address.

SSDA902 Registers of People who are Blind or Partially Sighted Return

pdf icon SSDA902 Validations 2013-14 [224kb] 

pdf icon SSDA902 Information Guidance Pro Forma 2013-14 [293kb]

Zero Based Review Newsletter

pdf icon ZBR Newsletter May 2014 [456kb]

pdf icon ZBR Newsletter April 2014 [440kb]

pdf icon ZBR Newsletter March 2014 [469kb]

pdf icon ZBR Newsletter February 2014 [859kb]

pdf icon ZBR Newsletter January 2014 [363kb]

pdf icon ZBR Newsletter December 2013 [418kb]

pdf icon ZBR Newsletter November 2013 [374kb]

pdf icon ZBR Newsletter October 2013 [338kb] 

pdf icon ZBR Newsletter September 2013 [262kb]

word icon ZBR Workshop Template [28kb]

2013 Collections Feedback Survey

pdf icon Social Care Collections Feedback Surveys Report 2012-13 [455kb]

ZBR Implementation Surveys Reports

pdf icon ZBR Implementation Surveys Report 2013 [373kb]

pdf icon ASC-FR Implementation Survey Report [383kb]

pdf icon ZBR SALT Survey Report [346kb]

pdf icon DoLS Implementation Survey Report [305kb]

pdf icon SAR Implementation Survey Report [311kb]

pdf icon Jan 2014 ZBR Implementation Survey Report [397kb]

NASCIS T&Cs for 2013-14 restricted data

pdf icon NASCIS Terms and Conditions for 2013-14 Restricted Data [96kb]

word icon User Validation form 2013-14 [130kb]

Output Surveys

The 2014 Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) and Safeguarding Adults Return (SAR) output surveys are now closed. The results can be accessed below:

pdf icon DoLS Output Survey Report [372kb]

pdf icon SAR Output Survey Report [412kb]

Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF), England 2013-14

xls icon ASCOF HES ONS v1.0 [107kb]

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