STARS:TARgets Science

The Astrobiology Society of Britain offered schools the opportunity to get a scientist to come to their schools to talk about Tim’s mission.


  • 7-11
  • 14-16

The STARS project was a community-based outreach project driven by members of the Astrobiology Society of Britain. Practising scientists from across the UK went into schools and gave free talks and sessions on Tim Peake’s Principia mission and life aboard the International Space Station, astrobiology, becoming an astronaut and more. There were also experiment packs for classes to do in their own time and a live Facebook chat with the scientists. The aim was to engage key-stage 2 and key-stage 4 pupils (and the equivalent in Scotland) with STEM subjects, to provide role-models through face-to-face interaction with practising space scientists and astrobiologists and to positively impact pupils’ perceptions about science.

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