Astro Academy: Principia

Using the unique microgravity facilities on board the ISS to teach fundamental aspects of physics and chemistry, using experiments and demonstrations that are impossible to conduct on Earth.


  • 11-14
  • 14-16
  • 16-18

Tim has conducted and filmed a series of simple demonstrations on the International Space Station (ISS) using a set of kits designed and built by the National Space Academy to illustrate fundamental aspects of physics and chemistry curricula, comparing results in micro-gravity with those in classrooms on Earth for the project “Astro Academy: Principia”.

Tim demonstrating circular motion in microgravity

Tim demonstrating circular motion in microgravity

The demonstrations cover secondary science topics including:

  • circular motion
  • collision physics
  • kinetic theory of gases and simple harmonic motion

Tim’s demonstrations have been put together with some Earth-based filming to create a series of five films. These are accompanied by written teacher guides using the classroom expertise of the National Space Academy, whose UK wide team is comprised of award winning and Ofsted rated “outstanding” subject specialist teachers with years of experience and excellent records of exam results.

The video clips of Tim have also been released as standalone clips which teachers can use independently in their lessons.

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