Win one of the coolest patches ever flown in space!


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Tim selected 75 of his favourite tracks to keep him happy and motivated during his time on board the International Space Station. He listened to these tracks when working out, taking photos, watching Earth, reading or relaxing in his spare time (if he had any!)

But he also did something a little different with his music: he ran one of the most exciting competitions to be held in space – with the help of some very special guest ‘crew members’ along the way…

Tim said, “I’m taking with me 75 of possibly the coolest patches ever flown in space, and one of them could be yours.” A few times each week, Tim tweeted lines from the lyrics of his favourite songs. The first person to reply to each tweet with the correct song title and artist went down in history as the proud owner of an exclusive ESA #spacerocks patch that has flown in space.

For fun facts on listening to music in space and more details of the competition, including the rules click here