Mission: Starlight

Take part in our global experiment to discover which materials protect us from ultraviolet (UV) light. Could these materials be useful in space?


  • 7-11
  • 11-14
  • 14-16

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What is Mission Starlight – a global experiment on UV protection?

Introduced by British astronaut Tim Peake, the Royal Society of Chemistry in collaboration with the UK Space Agency and the European Space Agency have launched a global experiment. A mass participation experiment, which asks students to investigate materials that block or limit UV light. Using affordable and widely available UV colour-changing beads, students test different materials for their ability to block UV light.

Checkout the website to find out more and don’t forget to upload your results to receive a participation certificate and unlock a special Tim Peake video.

When to take part?

Mission: Starlight – the global experiment remains permanently open, allowing teachers to take part whenever it suits them with the topics they are teaching.

Adapting the global experiment to meet your needs

Mission: Starlight – includes a number of different investigations, to cater for its wide age range of participation. Teachers can choose to take part in one small, focused activity or run a variety. The experiment can be adapted into a project which contributes towards a CREST award or you can simply post data on one variable to the global experiment website.

Find out more at the Royal Society of Chemistry