Principia Space Diary - Make Your Own Book!

The Principia Space Diary allows children to make their own book as they follow Tim’s mission.


  • 4-7
  • 7-11

Join the team of space experts in helping Tim on his mission!

Students can explore the different roles involved in supporting Tim on his journey – from the role of a space doctor in looking after Tim’s health, to scientists who navigate space debris as Tim journeys to and from the ISS – children will explore the world of space travel. The Space Diary combines literacy and visual literacy learning with STEM subject learning to create fun, engaging activities for students aged 6-8. Written and developed by author Lucy Hawking and publisher Kristen Harrison, and with guidance and contributions from Professor Peter McOwan and other experts. The book is brought to life with fantastic illustrations from illustrator extraodinaire Ben Hawkes.

Watch video’s from the amazing space crew including Dallas Campbell, Sheila Kanani, Richard Garriott and our very own Lucy Hawking. Teachers are provided with teaching notes, videos and resources to help create lesson plans and to link in with other Principia activities (e.g. Rocket Science, Raspberry Pi).

The diary will provide a unique framework for schools to document their Principia activities

Developed by visual literacy publishers Curved House Kids, in collaboration with author Lucy Hawking and academic Professor Peter McOwen.

This project is supported by the Science Museum London.


Download your diary