Citizen Scientists

Thanks to everyone who got involved in the experiment of the year!

Turing's Sunflowers was only possible because of the many citizen scientists and growers that got involved to grow, nurture and count sunflowers for the experiment and much much more.

Jacek Afeltowicz; Thomas Antonio, Institute of American Indian Arts; Andy & Oliver Balfe; Andrew Barker; Paul Barratt; Robert Billington; Louise Blackman; Joan Breakwell; Judith Brisson; Christine Cheek, Harvey Road School; Janet Chitham, Yarpole Community Project; Alan Choo-Kang; James Choo-Kang; Amanda Clare, Dept of Computer Science, Aberystwyth University; Suzanne Clark; Colin Clews; David Cowcill; Ellan Crooks; AnnMarie Cunningham, Gibshill Childrens Centre; Alfie Davies; Julian Davies; Bryan Dinsdale; Chris Edgecombe, Widemarsh Children's Centre; Peter Elliott; Julia Evans; Charlie & Lesley Farnell; Charlotte Fisher, Grange School; Christopher Foster; Diana Garcia Lopez, University of Manchester; Charis and Freya Gill; Janet Goodall; Karen Goss; Katy Greaves; John Green; Kate Guggenheim; Isabel Hatherell; Clare Henry, SS Alban & Stephen Junior School; Alex Heuer; Roz Higson; Susanna Hill; Shiloh Hindle; Janice Hodge, Greneway; Sara Holden; Susan Howes; Mark Hush; Janet Hutson, North Ferriby School; Natalie Ireland; Hilary Jarvis; Richard Paul Owen Jones, University of York;

Chris Jordan, Jodrell Bank Observatory; Fiona Keane; Rebekah Killick, Glyndon Bloom and Berry garden; CAGIS Kingston, Kingston Chapter of the Canadian Association for G; Sandra Kirkman, Waddington and West Bradford C.E Primary School; Jade Lane, Manchester Libraries; Wendy Martin; judith May; Alice McCormack, Bonneygrove Primary School; Martin McKibbin; Kate McSweeney, Booth Centre; Liisa Milne; Jim Munro; John Nicholls; Susan Nicholls; Ama Nisbet; Julie Norris, East Oxford Primary School; Megan Parry; Jonathan Plackett; Barbara Prescott; David Prosser, Siddington; Ian Read; Terry Rogers; Pamela Schneider; Mary Sitch; C Smith; Barbara Soulsby; Jen Southern; Carol Steptoe; John Thurm; Martin Tilley; Joe Tindale; Mary Tremain, Pool Academy; Rufus Waddington; Susan Wadsworth-Ladkin; Caroline Ward; Jeffrey Watumull, MIT; Tom Wilkinson; Krystian Wisniewski, Booth Centre; Menna Yeoman; Elaine Young

MOSI, Manchester

Sallyann Browning; Adam Daber; Jan Hicks; Meg McHugh; Marieke Navin; Penelope Nyau; Erinma Ochu; Rachel Rimmer; Cat Rushmore;

Newpark Centre, Glasgow

James Fisher; Lisa Haughian; Lewis McCallister; Lewis Miller

Darlington Learning Zone, Darlington

Dominic Ball; Gaynor Bennett; Duncan Butterfield; Stella Checkley; Zak Dunne; Sue Greenacre; Bethan Hutchinson; Erin Hutchinson; Patrick Johnston; James Morely; Ann Parker; Christopher Parker; Daniel Parker; George Petty; Isabel Petty; Joshua Race; Matthew Race; Kotryna Rinius; Amber Scott; Alexandra Thompson; Grace Thompson; Harriet Thompson; Eleanor Thomson; Matthew White

Don't forget to check out the growers stories and visit the wonderful growers gallery.

For now, we thank you all and also our lovely partners.