Media Coverage

Media Coverage

There has been lots of media coverage for Turing's Sunflowers. The global audience reach is approaching 63 million people! Thank you to everyone that covered the story.

See below for a list of articles and visit our press releases for various stages of the experiment.

The Results

Turing's Flower Theory Blossoms - The Sunday Times

Maths and Nature Link proven by Manchester Scientists - BBC News < we like this as it features some sunflower diaries!

Today Programme - Radio 4 (07.20am)

Sunflower experiment proves Alan Turing right - Manchester Evening News

Maths and nature link 'proven' by Manchester Scientists - Manchester Wired

Alan Turing's final experiment completed and theory proven in centenary tribute - Yahoo! News < we like this too because it was written by grower Amy Freeborn.

The Guardian - The Northerner Blog


Thousands of sunflowers planted for Alan Turing - Manchester Evening News

Inside the M60

e-science news

Mancunian Matters

Blog posts


Wired Geek Mom

The Guardian Grrl Scientist

The Guardian Northerner Blog

Culture 24

The Universal Machine

Manchester Museum - Alan Turing and Life's Enigma & Turing's Sunflowers

Blackwell books

Creative Tourist - cracking nature's code

Sunflowers, Science and Sexual Politics, Clewsdesk

Science & Plants for Schools (SAPS): Turing's Sunflowers and the fibonacci sequence

information Systems Services - University of Leeds

Emma Cooper - Turing's sunflowers

Isotope - open university

Corridor Connections - Turing's Sunflowers

Computers, Learning and Creativity - Judy Robertson

Hannah Dee - Turing's Sunflowers

Harringay online

Jen's Blog

Turing's Sunflowers are beginning to flower - Amanda Clare

Incidental things

Unfinished Sunflower news - Quay news

Where do design ideas come from? Christine Jordan

BBQs and Sunflowers - Becky

Honouring Alan Turing - Amy Freeborn

MiniGirl Geek

The Rented Garden - Turing's Sunflowers

Purple is me - why turing's sunflowers

Cultural shenanigans

Hazel Grove Allotment - Turing's Sunflowers

SciLogs - Sunflowers & Fibonacci

My Turing Sunflower - Arfan Jones

Things that strike me

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