Network Rail's CP5 enhancements delivery plan (EDP)

Requests by Network Rail to amend the control period 5 (CP5) enhancements delivery plan (EDP) under the change control mechanism.

ECAM - enhancements cost adjustment mechanism

It's the ORR's job to make sure that Network Rail adds costs to its asset base that are justified, so that future grants from governments and access charges from train operators are good value. A key to this is incentivising the company to continuously look for ways to eliminate unnecessary costs as projects are developed and delivered. We normally set this framework at a periodic review but last time around (PR13) many projects were at such an early stage of development we felt there was too much risk to taxpayers and customers; therefore we established ECAM.

In parallel to an ECAM submission Network Rail must update its CP5 enhancements delivery plan, which involves engagement with affected stakeholders to make sure that future milestones are consistent with planned timetable changes and interdependencies (such as rolling stock or franchising plans).

We expect to publish our views on the level of justified funding for individual projects when we think they are no longer commercially sensitive.

Although we will look to publish individual projects and programmes we will principally report at a portfolio funding level, rather than project-by-project, as it is up to Network Rail to manage sensibly across the whole portfolio. But we always will be as transparent as possible, consistent with getting the best value for rail users and taxpayers.

We welcome any further evidence that would improve our decisions. Please send any such evidence to, indicating if you wish all or part of it to remain confidential to ORR and explain why.

Establishing efficient costs of enhancement projects between 2014 and 2019 - infographic

Establishing efficient costs of enhancement projects between 2014 and 2019