Periodic review 2018 publications

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A list of all PR18 publications including key publications by stakeholders.

Working papers

Working paper 1: Implementing route-level regulation
This working paper explores how route level regulation might work in practice.
Published: 7 Jun 2016

Working papers 2 and 3: System operation
These working papers set out our initial views on potential issues and opportunities in system operation and on the regulatory framework for Network Rail’s system operator function.
Published: 7 Jun 2016

Working paper 4: Outputs framework
This paper sets out our initial thinking in relation to the design and nature of what Network Rail will need to achieve in control period 6 (CP6).
Published: 8 Jul 2016

Working Paper 5: Options for the treatment of enhancements in PR18
This paper sets out options for treatment of enhancements in control period 6 (CP6).
Published: 5 Aug 2016


Consultation on the financial framework for PR18
Published 26 January 2017

Consultation on changes to charges and contractual incentives
Published 15 December 2016

Consultation on draft guidance on Network Rail's strategic business plans
Published 23 November 2016

Consultation on the development of the regulatory settlement for the Network Rail system operator in CP6
Published 17 November 2016

Periodic review 2018 (2018) initial consultation and conclusions
Published 18 May 2016

Network charges: A consultation on how charges can improve efficiency
Published 10 December 2015

System operation: A consultation on making better use of the railway network
Published 13 August 2015

Consultation conclusions

Conclusions on the initial consultation on the 2018 periodic review
Published 17 November 2016

Our findings on system operation issues, opportunities and future challenges
Published 17 November 2016

Letters and updates relating to PR18 consultations

Letter to Network Rail on its cost allocation work
Published 3 August 2016

Letter: An update on ORR's review of charges
Published 7 April 2016