Executive directors

Staff at ORR are divided into nine directorates and led by a team of executive directors.

ORR's leadership team of executive directors is responsible for delivering the board's objectives and business plan, in line with our statutory duties; and for making our people motivated and equipped to deliver first rate safety and economic regulation, which drive better outcomes for consumers and the public.

Joanna Whittington - Chief executive

Joanna was appointed interim chief executive on 16 January 2016. The Secretary of State for Transport appointed her to the ORR board from March 2014.

The chief executive is responsible for:

  • the delivery by the Office of the strategy set by the ORR Board;
  • carrying out effectively the duties assigned to ORR under statute;
  • ensuring the Office operates efficiently, with integrity and probity;
  • working closely with the ORR chairman, to engage with external stakeholders at all levels.

An open competition for the role of chief executive is anticipated to begin in the summer with an appointment to be made for 1 January 2017.

Peter Antolik - Director, highways monitor

Peter is the director of the highways monitor, primarily responsible for monitoring whether the government's Road Investment Strategy is being delivered in our role as the independent monitor of Highways England and its management of the strategic road network – the motorways and main 'A' roads in England.

Dan Brown - Director, strategy and policy

Dan is responsible for working with the Chief Executive and Directors to develop and implement ORR's policy and strategy for regulation of the rail sector.

Russell Grossman - Director, communications

As director of communications, Russell is responsible for ORR’s relations with staff, stakeholders and the media and for explaining the value ORR brings to transport and the economy in the UK. This includes ensuring alignment between ORR’s business strategy and strategic communications, including how communication is used as a tool of effective regulation.

John Larkinson - Director of railway markets and economics

John is responsible for monitoring Network Rail against the challenges of the next five years set out in ORR’s 2013 periodic review, including financial monitoring, and overseeing the delivery of ORR’s role as the consumer authority for the rail industry

Juliet Lazarus - Director, legal services

Juliet leads the team providing legal advice to ORR. The team advises on all aspects of ORR's work and manages the relationship with external lawyers.

Ian Prosser - Director, railway safety

Ian Prosser is the chief inspector of railways and director, railway safety. He is responsible for the work of the Railway Safety Directorate, which strives to ensure duty-holders in the railway industry manage health and safety risks effectively and thus comply with their statutory duties. The Secretary of State appointed him to the Board with effect from 26 September 2008.

Ian is an executive member of the board.

Graham Richards - Director, railway planning and performance

Graham is the director of railway planning and performance with responsibility for holding Network Rail to account for its performance and its stewardship of the national railway network infrastructure, with the objective of driving a step change in whole industry performance and efficiency for the benefit of taxpayers, passengers and freight customers who rely on Britain’s railways.