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2015/16 QOF Dementia Subset

The Department of Health (DH) (on behalf of the Secretary of State or NHS England (NHSE)) have directed the HSCIC to establish a data collection in order to receive specific dementia diagnosis data to support the National Dementia Strategy and the Prime Minister's Dementia Challenge, which aim to improve the national diagnosis rate of dementia.

When the HSCIC receives such a direction we issue a Data Provision Notice to the appropriate providers of the required data, which can be viewed here.

No personal identifiable data (PID) are collected through this mechanism. For each practice collected in this extract, the HSCIC receives only a count of patients who have a diagnosis of dementia on the GP patient record, as defined by the Quality and Outcomes Framework business rules, by age band and gender.

The HSCIC also receives counts of patients registered at each practice. Again, these are non-PID aggregate counts for each practice,

These data inform the publication: Patients in England with a Record of Dementia Diagnosis on Their Clinical Record, which reports the monthly recorded prevalence of dementia, and the indicator: Dementia: Estimated Diagnosis Rate, which measures the ratio of recorded to expected dementia prevalence.

Quality Outcomes Framework (QOF) Recorded Dementia Diagnoses August 2015

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